Tauranga Primary School Deck Build: Durability and Safety with Permadeck Composite Decking

Setting: Commercial
Location: Tauranga Primary SchoolProduct: Permadeck, commercial grade
Colour: Bushman

Tauranga Primary School partnered with Baywood Construction to replace their worn-out wooden decking outside a classroom block.  They sought a deck solution that prioritised durability and safety.  They carefully selected Permadeck composite decking for its suitability in high-traffic areas. 

To meet building code standards and improve stability, Baywood Construction implemented significant upgrades to the deck framing.  Two rows of additional bearers were added, improving the decks load-bearing capacity and ensuring its longevity.  The existing deck joists, which were improperly spaced, were replaced to guarantee the structural integrity and durability of the new deck.

For the deck and ramp, commercial-grade Permadeck composite decking was chosen.  This type of decking offers exceptional strength and resistance against weathering, warping, and rotting, making it perfect for enduring heavy use and the elements.

Composite decking is a cost-effective long-term investment, requiring minimal maintenance and saving the school valuable time and resources.  It’s easy cleaning and maintenance-free characteristics eliminate the need for frequent staining, sealing, or painting.  Importantly, composite decking eliminates the risk of splintering or splitting, ensuring a safe surface for small bare feet.

The collaborative effort between Tauranga Primary School and Baywood Construction resulted in a successful deck build project, transforming the deck and ramp into a durable, low-maintenance, and safe outdoor space.  This enhancement contributes to an optimal learning experience for students and staff at Tauranga Primary School.

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