Futurewood Composite Decking Build in Minden, Tauranga

Setting: Residential
Location: Minden, TaurangaProduct: Futurwood
Colour: Slate Grey

Baywood Construction, a renowned expert in design and build solutions, successfully accomplished an exceptional deck project in Minden, Tauranga, using Futurewood composite decking.  The decks unique features, which included triangle breaker boards, resulted in a visually stunning and eco-friendly outdoor space that perfectly complemented the client’s new house. 

The client had a clear vision of a seamlessly integrated and functional deck that harmoniously blended with their newly constructed house while requiring minimal maintenance.  Baywood Construction, with their expertise in design and build, faced the challenge of meeting the client’s requirements for multiple functional deck spaces.

To ensure the deck’s longevity and low maintenance, Futurewood composite decking, known for its durability and eco-friendliness, was selected.  Baywood Construction skillfully incorporated triangle breaker boards into the deck layout to reduce material wastage and add a unique visual element.  The strategic design involved wrapping the deck around the house to create five distinct areas, including an inviting entranceway, not only met the clients vision but also maximised the deck’s functionality.

The successful completion of the Futurewood composite decking project exemplifies Baywood Construction’s commitment to delivering top-notch decking solutions that surpass client expectations.   The deck’s seamless blend of sustainability, innovation, and craftmanship showcases the immense potential of composite decking in modern outdoor space design.  As a standout feature on the new build house in Minden, Tauranga, the deck demonstrates the possibilities of composite decking in modern deck designs.

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