Complex Deck Build in Minden, Tauranga, with Permadeck Composite Decking

Setting: Residential
Location: Minden, TaurangaProduct: Permadeck
Colour: Costa

A complex deck build was successfully completed in the Minden area of Tauranga.  The project involved the use of Permadeck composite decking installed over Proframe aluminium framing.  The goal was to create a contemporary and seamless indoor-outdoor living space, overcoming the challenges posed by the unique layout and angles of the house. 

The transformation of an existing concrete area into a deck that seamlessly connected with the interior of the client’s home was the main focus.  However, the intricate angles and layout of the house presented complexities that required careful planning and execution.

To achieve a visually appealing and durable deck, the clients opted for Permadeck composite decking, renowned for its exceptional durability and low-maintenance features.  They also chose Proframe aluminium framing, which provided a flexible and robust foundation capable of accommodating the various angles and contours of the deck.

Baywood Construction, with their expertise in deck design and construction, successfully tackled the challenges posed by the complex layout of the house.  Meticulously aligning the framing and decking with the house’s angles, ensured a structurally sound deck build.  By utilising high-quality materials like Permadeck composite decking and Proframe aluminium framing, the project in Tauranga’s Minden area exceeded the client’s expectations, transforming the outdoor space into a modern and seamless extension of the home.

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