Innovative Permadeck Composite Deck Design in Pyes Pa, Tauranga

Setting: Residential
Location: Pyes Pa, TaurangaProduct: PermadeckColour: Tundra

Baywood Construction successfully completed an innovative composite decking project in Pyes Pa, Tauranga, showcasing their expertise in creating stunning and functional deck designs.  Collaborating closely with the client, Permadeck composite decking was used to bring their vision to life. 

The client, a residential property owner in Pyes Pa, had a specific vision for their deck build, centered around their pool area.  They desired an innovative and captivating design that would enhance their outdoor space.  Seeking guidance, they chose Baywood Construction for their reputation for high-quality craftmanship and expertise in composite decking.

Through close collaboration, Baywood Construction developed an inventive design plan tailored to the client’s vision.  Peramdeck composite decking was selected for its exceptional durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal, particularly in pool areas.

To create an exceptional deck around the pool, Baywood Construction integrated a hidden pool cover system into the construction.  This feature provided an unobtrusive appearance when the pool cover was not in use, elevating the overall design of the deck.  The existing concrete space under the pergola was transformed into a functional and cohesive area, seamlessly blending with the composite decking around the pool.

A captivating walkway was constructed to improve accessibility and create a harmonious transition to another section of the property.  To achieve a sleek and modern aesthetic, a specialised glass installation contractor was enlisted to install a glass balustrade.  This added an element of elegance while enhancing safety, without compromising the deck’s overall design.

This project stands as a testament to Baywood Construction’s commitment to innovative design, exceptional craftmanship, and client satisfaction.  With the use of Permadeck composite decking and the incorporation of distinctive elements, an outdoor space that seamlessly blended aesthetics and useability was created.

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