Transforming an Old Concrete Patio with Permadeck Composite Decking in Oropi, Tauranga

Setting: Residential
Location: Oropi, TaurangaProduct: PermadeckColour: Costa

An incredible transformation unfolded as an old concrete patio and stairs underwent a remarkable makeover in Oropi, Tauranga.   Baywood Construction utlilised Permadeck composite decking to breathe fresh life into this tired outdoor space, creating a stunning functional area that seamlessly blends relaxation and entertainment. 

The property was marked by an aging concrete patio that lacked the inviting ambiance the homeowners desired.  The challenge was twofold:  to rejuvenate the outdoor area and harmoniously integrate the new deck with the existing architecture.

Baywood Construction, known for their innovative deck designs and exceptional craftmanship, embraced the revitalisation challenge.  The team meticulously devised a deck design that incorporated a surrounding bench seat and a thoughtfully laid out stair arrangement, adding convenience and aesthetic charm to the space.

The choice of Permadeck composite decking was a decision based on practicality and aesthetics.    Opting for Permadeck was a deliberate step towards ensuring the deck’s longevity.   The composite decking’s resilience against weathering and its minimal upkeep requirements made it an ideal fit for this project.

The outcome of Baywood Constructions efforts is truly remarkable.  The previously tired and outdated concrete patio and stairs have undergone a complete transformation, receiving a new lease of life through a deck build that radiates charm and functionality. The outdoor area now seamlessly complements the historic beauty of the house, offering the homeowners an inviting space to enjoy for years to come.

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